• Founded 2016
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  • Location A6  14F

Bznk is a group of friends who have experienced in the financial industry for more than ten years. During the service of the banking system, we found that many Taiwanese SME customers often have problems with long collection times when doing business with large enterprises.

Problems such as fast payment, long ticket period, and slow collection are full of industries, causing many small and medium-sized enterprises tight on cash flow, insufficient working capital, and even high company turnover. However, the account receivable is too high, the turnover is not working, and the bankruptcy is in a situation. Bznk serves more than 1.35 million SMEs across Taiwan through the use of financial technology.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can sell future accounts receivable through the Bznk platform and calculate the risk and discount rate to sell and realize them in advance. Solve the problem that banks are restricted by regulations and operating procedures cannot be quickly and flexibly serviced. Welcome to visit the official website