Bsos Tech Co., Ltd.

  • Founded 2018
  • CEO Daniel Huang
  • Location A6  14F

BSOS is dedicated to empowering the financial industry and global supply chain with blockchain technology and offering rapid implementation into the business.

BSOS, Blockchain for Supply chain Operation System, was founded in 2018 by a core team from Silicon Valley and Taiwan. BSOS is dedicated to solving problems such as information silo, lack of trust, and inefficiency in the sector of supply chain finance, the InsurTech, and the rental industry. Currently, BSOS is working with Taiwanese leading banks and companies to implement blockchain technology into business.

BSOS BridgeX technology can quickly set up a blockchain data collaboration platform, offering modular designs such as data on-chain deposit, multiple data validation, and visualized message timeline, which solves the ineffective concatenation issue between blockchain layers, facilitate corporations with blockchain system development. Via BridgeX, it lowers data exchange and validation costs between corporations to maximize commercial benefit.