Deep01 Limited

  • Founded 2016
  • CEO
  • Location A6  14F

Deep01 is a Taiwan company and located in Taipei. All the AI research and development are made in Taiwan.
An AI computer-assisted image diagnosing solution developed by Deep01, DeepCT, can help doctors in the emergency room to detect whether or not intracranial hemorrhage(ICH, brain bleeding) is present, and automatically mark the ICH location. DeepCT is the first FDA-cleared product in the Asia Pacific region with a sensitivity of 93% and only needs an average of 30 seconds per case. The speed is the fastest in the world.
The function of Midline Shift detection and measurement has also been launched. DeepCT, an AI solution, can be smoothly integrated with CT equipment, PACS or hospital's related software and hardware system.
Deep01 has developed clinical cooperation with one-third of Taiwan's medical centers, and cowork with hospitals from US,China.