• Founded 2017
  • CEO 姚木川
  • Location A6  13F

Founded in December 2017 by CEO Muchuan Yao, or Arthur, InFlux is a financial banking team with members having more than 20 years of professional experience. With the assistance of the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, InFlux successfully transformed the complicated and high-cost financial services into a simple and fast mobile application. The techniques they used include P2P, blockchain, automated risk management review process supported by artificial intelligence technology. The company aspires to create a brand new financial service platform specifically for young adults. With years of experience in the bank, InFlux team developed a P2P lending platform in less than half a year, successfully sending funds from investors to students who need financial support, helping students with studying and self-education. More than 500 loan matches were made in simply 3 months. InFlux team immediately accepted the technical assistance of the Taiwan ITRI and ASVDA. In May 2019, the company was granted to entrust to the Financial Science and Technology Innovation Park, which was commissioned by the Financial Management Committee and managed by the Financial Planning Association. Due to the good performance, InFlux was awarded with a market value of more than 100 million in September of that year. In less than one year, the valuation of Taiwan's financial technology industry break through 100 million. At the same time, the alliance academic units have deep cooperation and shared the results, and were hired as consultants of Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology, Taipei University of Commerce, and AI Financial Technology Center of Soochow University. Together with Taiwan University and the University of Political Science, they jointly organized activities and research exchanges for Taiwan's financial technology. InFlux has made great contributions and has become the most trusted FinTech financial technology platform for young people.


InFlux provides a user-friendly UI/UX mobile App, allowing users to freely choose between lending and investment portfolios. The personal data of its users are well protected, while it also tries to keep high financial transparency. To offer the financial service friendly and smoothly, InFlux is using a risk management module supported by high-end AI technology. Other technology systems include anti-fraud KYC, AML anti-money laundering, automated risk control credit evaluation module, IRR interest calculation system, instant matching system, virtual account management accounting system, automatic loaning system, online insurance system, and post-loan Management system... etc. All in all, InFlux is bridging the relationship between the borrowers and investors, helping people to get the money they need at any time and any place. “Simple, fast, private, secured” is what InFlux asking for.