Eureka FinTech Ltd.

  • Founded 2019
  • CEO 張華平
  • Location A6  13F

Incorporated in Hong Kong, Eureka FinTech aims to be a pioneer in providing innovative AML/KYC and Compliance solutions to financial institutions across Asia via its comprehensive financial services platform and bespoke consulting services. Eureka Fintech’s comprehensive financial services platform integrates into one single platform big data, private data vendor databases and banks’ internal data by utilizing AI and graph technologies. Focused, user-friendly and easy to access, Eureka Fintech’s comprehensive financial services platform provides clients and users e.g. compliance officers and relationship managers with easily accessible and comprehensive information to assist them in analyzing the potential risks from business relationships and supply chains which appear suspicious or raise red flags. As a start up company in Hong Kong, Eureka Fintech aims to differentiate itself by also providing services in a nimble and customized manner e.g. by developing capabilities to provide cross border multi language services to clients across Asia.