New Ju Feng (NJF)

  • Founded 2013
  • CEO 黃琬渝
  • Location A6  11F

New Ju Feng (NJF) is a global AIoT and blockchain development company founded in 2018 and headquartered in Statup Terrace. The team members consist of blockchain developers along with specialists from the fields of AI, ICT and healthcare industries. In the past years, we had cooperated with 60 pharmacies and developed some IOT products just like medicine APP and customized drug bags. Our vision is improving people’s quality of life. Based on decentralized and facial recognition technology, NJF is establishing blockchain R&D center and developing a range of applications for e-identity, healthcare, and crypto finance. We believe that blockchain can bring great value to society. IOTA FaceID system is a revolutionary project using blockchain and biometric technology to improve safety of digital assets. The system fits for any of IoT product. By installing IOTA FaceID, business can easily ensure the authenticity of data, increase the efficiency of administrative operations, and improve the quality of customer service. Decentralized ledger technology and liveness detection algorithm are the two IOTA FaceID system technologies. To achieve the purpose of identity identification, the system adopts two-factor authentication to compare the biological features to the data stored on the IOTA Tangle Network. IOTA FaceID can provide integrated solutions for the customers in the fields of smart healthcare, smart finance and smart home. Through industry collaborations, we are confident that blockchain can make life smarter and happier.