Protostar Education

  • Founded 2018
  • CEO Jerry
  • Location A6  14F

Protostar Education is a member of the locally founded Beyond EdTech Limited, providing a sustainable and high-quality education to our next generation. With the help of online live-streaming technology and a gamification approach, we connect our best teachers in USA and children all around the world in live classes and an online learning platform with a solid and joyful learning experience.

Protostar literally refers to the ‘childhood’ in the life cycle of stars. Stars at this stage continuously absorb surrounding energy, preparing themselves for a bright future.

We sincerely believe that your child is a ‘Protostar.’ With the full support from Protostar Education, your child can freely explore the world, appreciate global culture, and become a world citizen with the world’s lingua franca, English. Proficiency in English empowers your child to choose their path and to become a dazzling star across the night sky.