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3egreen Technology was established in 2014. Most of the team members have an average of 15 years of wireless transmission application development experience-RFID, low frequency, ZigBee, Zwave, WiFi, BLE and power control expertise. We use data analysis to help customers achieve:

(1) the safety of Electricity

(2) Optimization of smart factory process

(3) Predictive maintenance of equipment

Under the conditions of wireless transmission, easy installation, automatic recharging and price advantages, the services of micro-smart grid and smart manufacturing can be realized. It is for enterprise users who have long been plagued by power consumption management problems such as large power consumption and complex fields, such as factories, Services such as restaurants, shopping centers, schools, etc.

Presenting electricity consumption data to the eyes through a simple and large-scale deployment method, visualizing global electricity consumption, and improving electricity consumption behavior is the goal of the green exhibition.