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  • Founded 2003
  • CEO
  • Location A6  14F

Since its establishment in 1952, based on the attitude of President Luo Shuimu of "one stitch, one thread, real", ASo has been a top performer. For many years, ASo has always adhered to the belief of "Persevering in making best shoes in Taiwan". , Has been affirmed by many users.

Over the past 60 years, the social environment has continued to change, but the Aso Group’s persistence and attention to products have not changed. Every pair of Aso leather shoes is a perfect presentation of "carefulness, thoughtfulness, and love."

For decades, the traditional exquisite craftsmanship has been preserved in Aso. Adhering to the long-term plan of quality as the brand promise, Aso injects an independent soul into each pair of shoes and becomes an art that transcends the times.

Through continuous improvement and research and development, Aso creates every pair of shoes that combines "fashion design" and "exquisite craftsmanship". With "Truthfulness, Goodness, Beauty, Newness" as the brand's core business philosophy, we will move towards the future! "True"-real materials and real materials; "Goodness"-comfortable and easy-to-wear shoes, perfect service; "beauty"-fashionable styles that keep pace with the times; "new"-meet and exceed consumer needs Innovative products.