Startup story-FUNTEK: "Scan and Chat", Making Instant Chat So Easy

Does the bombardment of substantial messages from your huge groups of friends give you social media burnout?


Communication software (APP) is the super portal for the mobile network era. In the modern society that almost everyone has a smartphone, the first thing you do when you wake up is to open the communication software (APP) and enter the world filled with messages of all kinds.


The communication software (APP) market is diverse, which includes world-famous APPs such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and local top-downloaded APPs such as KakaoTalk, Line, etc. While people are experiencing the richness in social media world, many issues have also quietly appeared to the public. Communication software (APP) not only has the long-term problem of unclear boundaries between public and private domains, brand owners are becoming less effective to finding new fans in the increasingly complex push rules and the massive amounts of data.


He Fang, Founder and CEO of FUNTEK Inc, discovered in 2015 that there were market vacancies in instant messaging where a large number of users needed temporary chats. With years of accumulated entrepreneurial and R&D capabilities, he launched an integrated solution that can help companies build exclusive instant messaging functions on their existing business platforms. In addition to shortening the communication cost between brand owners and users, the solution also helps brand owners find loyal fans in the rapidly changing market based on "finger economy".


PinChat Does Not Require Adding Friends, Providing Light Interaction between Brand Owners and Users


"Currently, most applications require users to scan the Code first and then download the App, while PinChat only require scanning the Code directly or clicks on the URL to open the chat page." The QR Code generated by PinChat can be delivered to various pages, chat software (APP), etc. Through the concept of "scan and chat", the privacy of users is ensured. The filling in of user’s personal information and risk of exposing user’s private social media identity can be eliminated. This allows users to quickly conduct preliminary chat conversations or information exchanges for work and business.


"After completing the preliminary conversations, if users are interested in the service provider, they will induce behavioral mechanisms automatically and download the brand APP on their own in the future. This can also find effective consumers and loyal fans." PinChat allows the interaction traffic and data between service providers and users to be on the self-built business platform. This not only improves the customer conversion rate and increases the adhesion of loyal fans, but also expands private domain traffic.


In response to the frequent changes of push rules in communication software (APP), FUNTEK propose that: “Fans are unlikely to perform unblock once the official account is blocked. Experiments have proved that the greatest benefit is to actively use the "preliminary interaction" without the need to add friends to allow fans to stay on your app in the beginning!"


IMKit Customer-Exclusive Instant Messaging Application Solution


In the past, brand owners often needed a lot of time and money to build their own communication platform. Now, it only takes half a day to build the “IMKit” solution SDK package on the company’s existing business platform or APP, creating an exclusive instant messaging platform. It not only eliminates the costs and time for research and development of new platforms in medium and large enterprises, it also eliminates the need to spend money for future maintenance, allowing companies to get a hold on the data from communicating with their fans more effectively.


IMKit has basic functions such as private messaging, group chat, pictures, emoticons, etc. It also has rich extensions such as voice, appointment, voting, and bidding. It not only can store the message records and sales data on the customer's existing server through bank-level information security protection, but also can be effectively connected to the existing Chat UI and Chatbot, integrating them into the existing APP, official website and other platforms.


Continue to Make Exposure, Expecting to Have 2 Million Users in 2020


With the help of IMKit’s SDK technology and PinChat, FUNTEK has entered the B2B2C business. It has collaborated with a wide variety of industries from online banking, e-commerce platforms to offline pharmacy channels, which not only increases traffic, but also increases fan adhesion and conversion rate significantly.


FUNTEK Inc., which is stationed in the Startup Terrace Linkou, expects PinChat to have 3 million users in 2021. It continues to participate in international exhibitions such as CEBIT in Germany, VIVA TECH in France, and Tech in Asia in Singapore, making its appearance on the international stage. In addition to being selected as a member of France Telecom's Orange Fab Asia accelerator program in 2017, it was also selected as a member of AWS JIC in 2019, and SparkLabs Taipei, a startup accelerator in Silicon Valley.


Next time, when you open an App to ask a brand owner about your favorite product, you might be using PinChat.


Figure : He Fang (Brian), Founder and CEO of FUNTEK Inc. Photographed by: Jian-Yuan Zhuo


Written/Photographed by: Startup Terrace Editorial team