The Mobile Industry National Team, KYMCO Capital and Startup Terrace -AWS Joint Innovation Center Lead Startups to Find Global Business Opportunities

In the next ten years, electric vehicles will become popular in most countries. In the huge electric mobility service industry, Taiwan has the lead in car network systems, parts resources and information integration. What business opportunities can Taiwan’s startups seize? How do startups utilize Taiwan’s advantage in car manufacturing technologies, and integrate innovative electric car IoT (Internet of Things) resources to form a National Team and compete with international players?


KYMCO Capital pointed out that the so-called mobility service refers to the services that people can receive when they leave their homes and travel outside. The global electric mobility industry is firing up. Currently, China, Southeast Asia, and India have become the three important markets in the world for the development of electric vehicles and several unicorn startups have been created, including GOJEK, Izu, Grab, etc. Among them, the App developed by Grab has accumulated 160 million downloads, making Grab the largest shared service company in Southeast Asia.


Mobility services are bringing revolutionized changes to the global automotive industry. Electric vehicles, autonomous driving and shared services are changing the traditional automotive market. These industrial trends will create a new ecosystem, including applications, IoV (Internet of Vehicle) systems, people-to-people and people-to-car networking, smart transportation, data analysis, etc. Looking over these areas, many of them are the specialties of Taiwan’s startups.


Smart Mobility Acceleration Project, Participating in the Huge Electric Car Market


To seize the huge mobility service business opportunities in Southeast Asia, KYMCO Capital and Startup Terrace Linkou-AWS Joint Innovation Center jointly implemented the "Smart Mobility Acceleration Project", which recruited startups with matured solutions in IoV (Internet of Vehicle), smart transportation, electric mobility, smart logistics, and mobility applications. Through capital channels, and the adding of startup resources, the linking between outstanding startups and international market demand is accelerated, especially the development towards the Southeast Asian and Indian markets.


The "Smart Mobility Acceleration Project" was officially launched in October and has a span of 6 months. The Project combines the AWS cloud platform resources and the mobility industry resources of KYMCO Capital. Currently, there are 5 domestic and international startups selected for the first stage of acceleration.


KYMCO Capital is positioned as a one-stop mobility solution platform in Southeast Asia. Through capital operation, it involves in business operations and market opportunities, finding solutions for related industries in Taiwan. Taking Grab as an example, in addition to investing in equity and combining Taiwan's car manufacturing technologies, it also provides technical support such as batteries, charging stations, and IoV, as well as supply chain operation models, opening up international business opportunities for startups and allowing outstanding startups to be seen by the world.


Established in 2011, KYMCO Capital is a professional fund management company specializing in the international market. Currently, it manages 13 equity investment funds, focusing on electric cars, IoV and mobility services. Its industrial resources include car factories, automobile and motorcycle industries, and upstream of the battery supply chain. In the past ten years, KYMCO Capital has accumulated industrial and startup resources in the international market, and participated in many large investment projects. One of them is the cooperation with Grab, which is a giant company in Southeast Asian.


KYMCO Capital Operates to Create a Smart Mobility Ecosystem


In this Project, KYMCO Capital will combine innovative business models in overseas markets and Taiwan's leading car-manufacturing technology to seize the three major consumer markets in Southeast Asia, India, and China. Its assists startups in connecting with the industry, supply chain, technology companies, and innovative resources on KYMCO Capital's mobility integration platform to create different market solutions, helping potential technologies or services to be commercialized, and accelerating startups to achieve internationalization and scale up.


From the development trend of electric mobility industry in India and Southeast Asia, KYMCO Capital believes that mobility services, electric cars and AI (artificial intelligence) are leading to industry changes. Just like the evolution of mobile phones to smart phones, electric mobility is definitely a big opportunity that will affect the global industry in the next decade. It will completely change traditional manufacturers, startups and technology-related industries. It is foreseeable that greater industry opportunities will arrive in the future.


The AWS Joint Innovation Center was established in 2019 as a collaboration between the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of Economic Affairs and AWS. It combines AWS cloud platform resources and the support of government-related programs. So far, it has coached nearly 50 outstanding startups and enterprises under the process of transformation. By partnering up with KYMCO Capital, the "Smart Mobility Acceleration Project" was launched to lead Taiwan's startups toward huge business opportunities in the mobility industry.