Startup Story-Turnmeon Technology Develops Lovenuts, Transforming the Love Industry with Technology

The COVID-19 epidemic has forced all industries into the cloud, even the love industry. Turnmeon, a startup in the Startup Terrace Linkou, uses IoT (Internet of Things) technology to develop Lovenuts. Through remote control, lovers who are distant away can still interact with each other at any time. This innovative product sold like hotcakes particularly in the time like today; even Japan, a country famous for its love industry, is curious about the product design and is currently negotiating for cooperation.


Donald, the founder of Turnmeon, originally worked as a patent engineer for HTC. Four years ago, he and his colleagues decided to start a business and launched Taiwan's first smart sex vibrating toy, the Lovenuts. However, for entrepreneurs with technology background, choosing sex toy that is completely different from their expertise as the entrepreneurial product, has created many challenges for launching the product into the market. However, through IoT, Donald has transformed sex toy into smart product, revolutionizing the traditional market. This also highlights the flexibility and creativity of entrepreneurs in the application of technology.


LoveNuts Connects the APP via Bluetooth, Promoting Social Media Services


With cute design and remote control via the APP, Lovenuts has become a backup product for long-distance lovers to accompany each other. Lovenuts is powered by lithium battery, and can operate continuously for a period of two hours. Lovenuts can connect to the APP via Bluetooth, allowing users to adjust the vibration intensity from the APP on the smartphone. The remote-control operation can be be carried out simultaneously without significant delay, allowing lovers to feel as if they are next to each other.


Just when Lovenuts was launched into the market, it made a big hit. Lovenuts are currently selling on the PC e-commerce platform, and has become one of the best-selling products on the platform. Furthermore, the product has successfully attracted the attention of media from Japan and Finland in the Japan startup exhibition, Slush Asia. Turnmeon Technology has been invited by the manufacturer in Japan for cooperation, and has applied patents for the functions and the design of Lovenuts. In the future, through IP (intellectual property) licensing, the technology can be further extended for the development of stationery, toys and 3C products (computers, communications and consumer electronics).


Nevertheless, the life of hardware products is limited and it is necessary to extend the market cycle with the help of software. Donald is planning to develop an APP and through Lovenuts, a private community dedicated to women discussing erotic affairs will be created to find new business opportunities and services from the community data, achieving cross-domain development. Lovenuts will target the markets in Japan, Europe and America. In the next step, Lovenuts will be promoted in the Southeast Asian countries where the people are heavily dependent on social media.


From the past patent experience in major technology companies, Donald learned the importance of intellectual property deployment for entrepreneurship. In response to the COVID-19 epidemic and the surge in global demand for masks, Turnmeon applied medical-grade short-wavelength UVC nano-photocatalyst technology and launched Taiwan’s first smallest UV-Cat disinfection LED that can eliminate 99% of bacteria after 1 minute of irradiation. It has been proved to be effective for SARS virus.


The lightweight UV disinfection LED can be carried around easily at any time. It can be plugged into a laptop or a portable charger, serving as a computer keyboard light. It can be used to disinfect used masks. The device is made of FDA food-grade silicone coated with an antibacterial smooth layer for improved touch. The device can have customized design, serving as a gift. Since the device has a trendy design, it is aimed at the e-commerce market and new-generation consumers.

Deployment of Patent Platform in the Next Stage to Popularize the Know-how


The love industry has huge business opportunities; however, most sex toys come from major manufacturers in Japan, Europe and the United States. Although the custom and tradition in Taiwan are relatively conservative, it turns out to be great opportunities for startups to show their talents. However, entrepreneurship requires to consider diversified aspects. Turnmeon was stationed in the Startup Terrace Linkou this year, hoping to utilize resources of the Startup Terrace Linkou including regular online match-making services, international marketing courses and linking with international accelerators to assist Turnmeon in developing international markets.


The Turnmeon team currently has 5 people, with backgrounds in information engineering and marketing. The patent expertise of Donald also helps the company to incubate the next entrepreneurial project. He said that global technological competition is a battle of intellectual property rights, and major technological companies can suppress their competitors with patent rights. Taiwan's small and medium-sized enterprises generally lack the concept of patents and intellectual property rights. Many technologies are not protected by patent, leading to the loss of business opportunities.


In view of this, Donald is planning to launch a patent platform in the next step to collect related patent reports around the world and accelerate the development of patent platforms through patent analysis tools. With the added value of the Startup Terrace Linkou and its experimental site where several outstanding startups gathered to shine, the development of the patent platform in the near future is worth looking forward to.


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Written/Photographed by: Startup Terrace Editorial team