Startup Story-Iworkeasy Cloud and IoT, Making Remote Space Management Easy

In the era of interconnection of all things, everything can be monitored and managed through the use of IoT (Internet of Things). Although IoT technology has been popularized, its application is unlimited. Iworkeasy, a startup in the Startup Terrace Linkou, developed the cloud and IoT based space management platform to assist companies in remote space management, making the utilization of spaces more efficient.


Most people may have experienced the situation that when booking a meeting space, a conference room in a hotel, or a sports court in a gym, one may have difficulty of reserving the venue because someone is still using it or the system is not updated even though the previous user has cancelled the reservation and the venue administrator has not been informed of the latest information, making the venue unable to be reserved. Such misinformation may lead to undesired loss for both the applicant and the venue administrator.


Before starting a business, Yi-Zheng Lin, the Founder of Iworkeasy, often required to book venues for work. If there was no venue available, she then had to search them patiently. She also found that many of the online management systems are based on manual operations. They are unable to show instantly the space usage status, especially for small gyms where they usually do not have their own reservation system. These problems encountered by Yi-Zheng Lin during work have become the opportunity for her to start a business. She partnered up with her colleague in the Institute of Computer and Communicate Engineering, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to co-found Iworkeasy and the first product they developed is the cloud and IoT platform.


IPCAM+ AI Technology Helps Manage the Flow of People in Venue


The cloud and IoT platform can manage the usage of meeting rooms. For example, it can be used to monitor the number of users and the utilization rate of each space. The real-time photos of IPCAM is used to record the status of the meeting rooms at every moment, especially when there is no IoT meeting room after a meeting room has been booked. The system can promptly notify the applicant and the venue administrator to make a reservation again. This applies to the reservation of ball court as well. Many outdoor courts are difficult to manage. However, with the help of the cloud and IoT platform, the status can be fully monitored.


The operating principle of the cloud and IoT platform is to use IPCAM to take one photo in every 10 seconds and upload these photos to the cloud. Through AI technology, the images are recognized and digitized to get a hold on the flow of people in each space, and calculate the corresponding utilization rate. The user can then check the utilization rate of each space by using a smartphone further adjust the use the space. Such information is quite valuable especially in the metropolitan area where the land is very expensive. With the precise use of space, the number of floors to be leased may be reduced, saving the operating cost for companies.


By combining IPCAM with big data, the efficiency of space usage can be assessed and analyzed. For Iworkeasy, the focus is not on booking spaces, but on data collection and the monitoring of the flow of people. Especially during the epidemic, space restrictions can be managed by humans, and the cloud can also be used to assist hospitals and public places to control the flow of people or even the distance between people.


In addition to space management, the cloud and IoT platform also has the remote-control function. Currently, services of the platform are provided through subscription, including food display scenes, sale scenes, public attractions, clinic queue numbers, community IPCAM, senior nursing homes, kindergartens, infant nursing rooms, remote entry access for landlord, remote watering of farms, time-lapse services on construction sites, and preventive review of time-lapse videos in advanced communities.


With the Help of NCHC, the Platform Will be Launched Once the Field Verification is Completed


The R&D team of Iworkeasy is specialized in ICT construction. Xi-Cheng Wang, the Co-founder of Iworkeasy, used to work at the Computer and Communications Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), and is experienced in cloud system integration. In addition to the cloud and IoT platform, Iworkeasy has also launched the smart billing system that integrates automatic vehicle detection, AI license plate recognition technology, cloud management platform and multiple payment systems. The parking fees can be transmitted to the main unit and paid by the electronic payment system via a smartphone, making the process smart and convenient.


Currently, these two platforms are undergoing field verification in the Startup Terrace Linkou. The advanced 5G and comprehensive public facilities in the Startup Terrace Linkou have always been the best AIoT training opportunities for startups. Yi-Zheng Lin said that both the cloud and IoT platform and the smart development system currently use the NCHC (National Center for High-Performance Computing) platform as cloud applications. With the integrity and scalability of the system, comprehensive services are provided. They are expected to be launched early next year.