Startup Story-ArcRan Prevents the Information Security Threat of Telekinesis

The scene of "telekinesis (retrieving items from the air)" in movies actually happens in the world of information security. In the era of IoT (Internet of Things), hackers do not actually need to connect to the Internet to steal the information on a mobile phone. It is possible for hackers to do so through nodes such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., making them almost invisible to users. In other words, in the absence of an Internet connection, "information security loopholes" still exist.


In recent years, the rapid advancement of smart IoT technology in Taiwan has boosted the development of various cloud services and unmanned vehicles. However, the more development of various cloud services, the more information security issues are created. Jack Yu, who has been deeply involved in the information security industry for nearly 20 years, has seen the various information security issues in the era of IoT, motivating him to engage in the development of IoT information security solutions and founded ArcRan.


Jack Yu said that traditional hacking techniques continue to evolve, making the detection more difficult. Taking smart unmanned flying vehicles and drones as examples, these vehicles are equipped with a large number of sensors. The more sensors available implies that more systems can be connected. As the number of system network nodes increases, these network-connected devices may also be hacked via passwords and become vulnerable to hacker attacks. This not only causes information security problems, but also affects personal safety.


iSecMaster Trains AI to Detect Abnormal Behavior


However, to effectively carry out information security protection on a large scale, the help of AI may be required. Based on the 15 years of experience in the information security, ArcRan has conducted the "Digital Unmanned Branch Terminal Point Protection Design" information security test on the information security integrated service platform. Through the three major technologies of AI learning, automated security situation analysis and site sensing analysis and simulation, it assists governments and enterprises to carry out large-scale automated information security threat simulation and risk assessment. In 2017, ArcRan launched the iSecMaster information security threat defending platform to record and detect information security threats before entering the network.


iSecMaster mainly carries out the monitoring of wireless signals and wired network transmission for closed-field applications. Machines are used to learn abnormal behaviors. Once abnormal signals are found, the IP camera (network camera) is used to locate emergencies, assisting the operators to quickly deal with various information security threats. The applications of iSecMaster include smart finance, smart factories, computer rooms, medical institutions, closed fields, unmanned stores, cashless vending machines, Internet of Vehicles and 5G private networks.


Jack Yu said that iSecMaster mainly adopts the business model of service authorization. Currently authorized applications include 4G Router, IP camera, T-BOX, and drone. He mentioned that iSecMaster will record three W - Who (who is the attacker), When (when the attack is launched), and What (what is the attack). By recording the signal history, the operators can quickly respond to various hacker attacks.


Jointly Promote the Whitelist Defense Mechanism with the Industrial Technology Research Institute


This solution package is mainly used in closed-field applications such as hospitals and industry-based IoT. In addition, a collaboration with the Industrial Technology Research Institute has been reached to jointly promote the whitelist defense mechanism. The goal is to prevent hacker intrusions and cybercrime activities, strengthening information security in all industries. ArcRan also hopes to cooperate with system integrators in Taiwan to incorporate this technology into the hardware.


In addition to closed-field applications, ArcRan also launched the "iSecV in-vehicle communication security detector" for Internet of Vehicles, which was introduced into self-driving cars. In addition, it also cooperated with data companies in Taiwan to record the flow of people and the retention time represented by the signal, finding abnormalities through cross-domain data analysis. Jack Yu said that this application is currently being developed though the collaboration with telecommunication companies. It is hoped that this new value-added service can accelerate the development of 5G applications.


With 15 Years of Experience in Information Security, Jack Yu Acts as a Gatekeeper for Information Security


Graduated from the Institute of Information Management, National Chiao Tung University, Jack Yu devoted the first half of his life to information security. He collaborated with government units to conduct information security investigations and related trainings. On average, he handled approximately 20 to 30 hacking cases in a year. Although the government is aware of the importance of information security, the technology at that time was unable to make any breakthrough. This gives Jack Yu motivation to start a business and contribute his talent in information security.


Before starting his business, Jack Yu worked as an IT manager and editor-in-chief in the Information Security Magazine. While writing articles on information security, he was often invited to give special lectures and had a good knowledge of Taiwan's information security market and international trends. He pointed out that information security detection in Taiwan has too many loopholes, and many developers could not to see the real problems in the market.


The information security industry has become one of the fastest growing key industries in the world. In order to send domestically-made information security solutions to the world, Jack Yu collaborated with other information security companies in Taiwan to organize the Information Security Development Association, helping companies to be seen around the World. ArcRan also conducted the attack tests in the 5G experimental site of the Startup Terrace Linkou where 5G has already been introduced, and continues to develop potential information security related services, allowing the security solutions developed in Taiwan to be seen around the world.

Figure:Founder of ArcRan, Jack Yu, and his team create a flawless information security solution.


Written/Photographed by: Startup Terrace Editorial team